Free Tips to Make Your Computer Run at a Breakneck Speed

As an owner of one of the internet cyber cafes in this world, I have come to know much about computers more than I used to know when I was still at school. In school we could find our computers already waiting for us and we couldn't know the procedures the administrators pass through to make them run as they used to do.

After getting much time with computers everyday I now know why computers are sometimes slow. All computers are the same as long they are maintained by the person who can manage them efficiently. It doesn't need you to first go for master's degree in computer science to make your computer run faster. Just follow my simple explanations and your computer will be faster.

You should always avoid unnecessary start up programs .Whenever you install a program on your computer, I think you have seen that it tries to show up every time you start your computer. Let come what may, this will retard the speed of your computer. What you must do is always to avoid them to start without your knowledge because they are also using an unnecessary amount of RAM on your computer.

o The first thing to do is to run a disk clean up...How do you do this?

Go to Start

Then to Programs

Then Accessories

Then to System tools and then lastly click on Disk Cleanup.

This will automatically show you all the files that need to be removed and the space you will gain after removing those files..

o Ever heard disk defragmentation? The amount of the data you put into your computer is scattered on your computer hard disk and what is needed is to make it come together so that the computer doesn't use a lot of force to get the expected data through different paths.

How do you do disk defragmentation?

Go to start

Then to programs

Then to accessories

Then to system tools

And lastly to Disk Defragmenter.

This will show the possibility of first to analyze how your computer's data is scattered on your computer and after analyzing it shows you how much space you are not using because of the fragmentation of data on your computer. Then you will have to defragment and make your computer faster.

o If you're through with disk defragmentation, you can now go for registry congestion clean up. When ever you are on your computer especially using the internet, you always download programs from the internet. These programs are always on the computer registry and even if you delete them or sign them out, they are still in the registry and for that matter you need to clean up the registry to get the space for more downloads and quick access to your computer.

Lastly but not least, if you are using your computer to browse the internet, I think by now you have known that there are some free programs that can be used to clean your computer just by one click on your computer. For me I have been using CCLEANER for almost a year now and I haven't seen any problem with at all.

What you have to do is, Go to Google and write install free ccleaner and you will be directed on how to download it. It will not take more than 5 minutes. To assure you this program will make your computer faster than before.