Computer Basics

A computer is not just one thing but is consisted of many parts that work together. A desktop computer is a computer intended for use at a single location only. It is usually bulky and consisted of many parts connected together by wires. Here are some of the basic parts of a desktop computer.

The CPU or Central Processing Unit. This is considered as the brain of the computer. This is what processed all the information and carries out the commands in your computer. This is regarded as the most important computer part because without this, your computer will cease to function.

The RAM or Random Access Memory. This is considered to be the short-term memory of the computer. The bigger memory capacity of your computer's RAM, the more files you will be able to store and more often, the faster your computer would work.

The motherboard. This is the main board in the computer. It contains many chips and circuitry. This is where the CPU and RAM are located.

The hard drive. This is where all the computer programs and information are stored.

The floppy/CD/DVD drive. Floppy drives are used less and less. This is where floppy disks are put in. CD/DVD drives are prominent today because of the high us of CD's and DVD's. Aside from reading CD's and DVD's, computers now have the ability to store information on them through a process called "burning."

The monitor. This is the computer screen that displays whatever you are doing on the computer. Today, computer monitors come in different shapes and sizes.

The keyboard. This looks like a typewriter and is what you use to type on the computer. This also serves as a control of whatever you are doing on your computer.

The mouse. This is used to control the pointer on the computer screen. It has two buttons, left and right, that is used to click and choose things on the computer screen.

A sound card found inside a computer allows for the output of audio through a computer's speakers or headphone. A video card on the other hand allows for the output of video that is displayed in the computer. Using both of these is usually helpful when using your computer for games or for viewing videos.

The power supply. This is connected to all computer parts and is what supplies power to all parts of the computer.

Aside from the basic computer parts, there are still many other parts that can be found on a desktop computer. You can add a printer to put into hard copy the files on your computer. A speaker, to hear the computer's audio. A scanner, to put in images into the computer. A webcam, to serve as a computer camera. A modem, used to connect your computer to the internet.

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